Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maths Measurement Video

I tried to figure out how much water could go into the red bucket from the blue container with out measuring the water and my guess was 16.
In this video, you will here the other guesses from them. 
Please visit their blogs.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The water was very warm.

It was the first time and week room 7 was swimming in the warm pool. I could feel the joy tinkling through my body as I entered the pool. I swam with some of the year 8’s and Mrs Tui was our instructor. We did some freestyle and streamline. I felt very cooled when I got in the pool.

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Strand

God Strand !
What does God want from us?
God wants our love and care that we give to him to other people so that he can accept us into heaven. He wants us to treat other the same way we would want to be treated!

What stops you from doing God's will?
What’s stopping me from doing God's will is myself and my choices. I choice the wrong people to hang around with and I don’t listen to the right instructions given to me.

I Traced my hand and in my fingers, I put what I know or think God is.

God is...
Our Father
The ruler
and Jehovah,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Maths Week 6 Term 2

42 carrots to fill 6 bags. How many carrots would fill 12 bags?

6 bags - 42 carrots
12 bags - 84 carrots
24 bags - 168 carrots
How did I get 84? Double 42 and it makes 84. Then double 84 and get 168.

Describing my Dad

My Dad
My dad’s got brown eyes like a stick from a tree , his skin tone is light brown. He is tall and just below my brothers chin. He has dark black straight hair, but when it grows, it get’s curly like the end of a cats tail. When he laughs its like a car engine start.
My dad is very good at playing Samoan cricket and singing songs for the church choir. He is loving by putting other first before himself.

Description of myself

I have two dark brown eyes and my skin tone is light brown. I have long black hair and I love music, but playing the guitar makes me feel happy. I feel close to God when I am at church. I respect God and my parents by listening to them and obey their commands.

I play netball and Samoan cricket. I sing songs for school and at church. I love amusing people and especially my friends. I make them laugh and I like to clown around them because they find it funny.
I am easy going when people are in a good mood.