Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mothers Day Description

My Mothers Day Description

My mum’s name is Uaina Salu Uelese Tu’uga.
She is a great mother, she is like a sister, she gives me money, food, clothes and everything I need in order to stay alive. She is funny, loving, caring, helpful and I can go on about my mom and how she is. She doesn't like it when I talk back to her or answer her back. She gives me smacks so that I can learn my lessons. She said that her mom use to give her smacks when she was little. When my mom knows that one of our family members are gonna be here, she can’t rest her mind but to clean up our whole house and change our bed sheets. When my mom finds out that I have done something bad, she would call me and we will have a nice chat about my actions and how it affects people. When my sister cries, my mom tries to make her laugh by copying her. When she can’t get my sister to laugh, she say’s “ STOP CRYING” or " UA LAVA LOA"
When mom is angry, she bites her teeth and makes her big eyes, then I know she’s not in the mood. Everywhere she goes, she’s proud of her culture and village. This is one of her favorite acrostic poem.

S - Strong of heart
A - Abundant in faith
M - Made to survive
O - One family under an
A - Almighty God

Her passion is making decoration with flowers and doing good deeds.She is one lady who loves to serve God. Nobody could replace her.
Happy Mothers Day.

My Math Presentation.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Science Experiment.


Purpose: What do plants need to grow?

First we got given one pot plant between four or three people. My group put the pot into the Glad snap bag, we then filled the pot plant half way with soil. After that, we put two seeds under the soil and tip water  with a milk cap. We placed the cap full with water on top of the soil. Finally we closed the bag and set it out in the sun.

After five days there was no different but how we left it.

Now you know that if you try to grow a plant in a bag, it won't grow if you don't have air and light, therefor my groups plant did not grow. Some of the other groups plant's grew because it had some air.