Friday, August 23, 2013

The Feast Day Of St Pius X

The Feast Day of St Pius X was on Wednesday but we celebrated it today. The whole of Saint Pius had Mass to celebrate the feast day of St Pius our pope. We then went into the hall and had a cake. We sang happy birthday and cut the cake. Pope Pius was a poor boy, he lived poor, grew up to be poor and wish to die poor. He even walked to school with bear feet because he didn't want his new pear of shoes dirty.


  1. Awesome Julia, keep up the good work. The cake was really yum i'll have to say. Maybe next time you could tell more about Pope Pius.

  2. Dear Julia

    You have really interesting stories on your blog. Next time you might would like to write a bite more about the feast day story keep up the good work.

  3. Hello and I want to say that you have done wonderful work on the Feast day of St Pius. X. Maybe next you can use some more words and more than 1 paragraph. WELL DONE JULIA :)


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