Monday, August 19, 2013

Report Cross Country

Cross country
Cross country is a sporting event where you run long distance. Where  schools, class’s and people run for race’s. Some cross country's are held around the world where you can bike or run.
Standing at the start line, waiting for that brick to smack together, suddenly, “ BANG” Off we ran. Together as a group the girls ran slowly and tried to keep up with each other. Time was ticking, we were running, huffing, puffing and slowly running.

I ran past the church and down the hill looked back and saw a lot of people. I soon became tired and lost my breath, talking well running really made me tired. It came to the second hill and I had already started walking. I felt good because I knew all the 12 yr old girls will come a place. After going up that hill, my friend and I started running then we stopped and ran again.  We often stopped running to catch our breath and then will just stand and talk. I was at the end of the race but then I was told one more round, I just felt like disappearing. I picked up my legs and started running for my second round.

I barely ran the second one round, I was so tired I stopped running then walked. I would often stop to catch my breath and start running again. Every time I had finished going up hills, I would stretch my legs then start running. I jogged the last couple of miles and when I was at the church, I walked slowly to the finish line.
Some face turned to see who was the last to arrive at the finish line, luckily I was not last. I was happy the race had finish, actually I was relieved.

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