Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Friday of the school holidays

Today is the last Friday of the school holidays, time has gone so fast that we don't even notice. I tried to make most of the day by doing house wok and then run around the house chasing my little sister.
I woke up feeling so happy knowing that I was going out to town to get my clothes ready for Sunday. I brushed my teeth and watched some t.v. All the kids program finished so I decided to play cards with my sister.
We played last card then after 5 games I found it boring playing the same game over and over again. We played a Samoan game called Lami. You have 5 cards in hand, the rest of the cards go in the middle and you have another 4 cards on the ground, you go in a circle and swap cards around with the ones on the ground. I got so angry that I threw my cards at my sisters face and she just burst out laughing. We would play cards every time we were bored. The last days of the holidays was so cool. I cant wait until school starts back. 

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