Sunday, October 6, 2013


" Hey, up for some walking this afternoon?" my Nana asked. I tried walking away but knew that it was rude so I stood there and said happily,  "Yeah sure, but will see this afternoon. I'm pretty tired aye Nana." I tried getting out of it. I was in Rewa, short for Manurewa. We had family meeting and had to catch up on our family reunion. After everyone knew where and what to do for the family reunion, they started dancing and had a bowl to put money in.

Adults where dancing and doing their Samoan slap dances. Family after family, shouting and screaming with excitement as family dance and show off their talents. The bowl was getting fuel every minute. Family come up with empty bowls and go off with a lot of money. All the money made was given for the house we are going to stay in for our family reunion. After all that dancing, the teenagers and I put out tables for the evening meal.  Everyone waited and waited, finally they were eating like nothing. After everyone eat, it was time for clean up.

It was 2 hours after our family gathering finished and we were off home. Well I thought. The car drove through rocky gates, and I saw signs and bushes. We stopped and I hoped out. We were going for a walk. I forgot the place but there was one hundred stairs. We went around the course and stayed at the park waiting for other family members. We waited for 1 hour and finally they arrived. 
It was actually fun waiting for them because I had a chance to play with my cousins and friends. I enjoyed running around the park and making fun of them. 
" We come back next week Saturday," my Nana said. I felt like falling to the ground. 

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