Thursday, October 10, 2013

White Sunday practise's

A few days ago or say it as one week ago, my siblings and I have attended White Sunday practise's. White Sunday is where children any age come and join, they receive parts from the bible. They have to learn it then come the Sunday, we act it out. Every day we go church and run through the play. Well we try and go through it. People constantly lose tract and then start laughing.

Well our play is about Sakaria and Elisapeta, I was Elisapeta and my cousin was Sakaria. It felt so weird because it was just weird. I tried not to look at my cousins on the other side of the stage but I failed, I looked up and saw put off faces, horrible faces. Just joking 

One day when Sakaria is burning stuff in his temple, Angels of the Lord appear to Sakaria, they tell him, " Your wife will bear a child. You must name him John." Sakaria does not believe this, but still listens. With feelings and thoughts, Sakaria doubts that his wife will have a child. Gabriel hovers above him and say's, "Because you do not believe, you will scream out but no one will hear you."
Elisapeta then born her child and named it John. John became a very special child of God and serves him.  

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