Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lost and found

Lost and found 

“ Hey you, stop there,” Jake shouted. “ You think you are all cool, getting A’s in your test and coming out on a high level.” John continued. Jake marched over to James and started pushing him and making fun of him. Jake and his friend John are two bullies who wants everything. They shoved James onto the ground and dashed off. James rose up and shouted out to two boys, “ I don’t like how you treat me, you will regret messing with me, curse you.” Jack yelled back, 

“ Whatever.” The two boys went home from school and had a little rest, after a few minutes Jake woke up and found that all of his things had disappeared, even his clothes. Jake thought he was dreaming until John leaped through his window and shouted panicking, “ All my things have gone missing, even my shoes.” “ That explains the pink sandals,” Jake teased. “ My things have gone missing to.” John had a idea for the two of them. He suggested they go and find some help. Jake said, “ Why don’t we separate, you go that way.

Jake went and asked his mom if she knew where all of his belong’s went, but she gave him a sad answer. Jake was hoping she would of said yes. He looked all over the place and still, they were nowhere to be found. John had asked his little sister because she keeps on going in and out of his room, but still she gave him the same answer as his mother. 

Jake was going to the last place he thought he left his stuff, and still nothing was there. He remember when we  they ran off, James said he’d curse us. Maybe that curse might be our stuff gone missing? He rang Jake and told him that they were cursed. Jake said he was coming over. 

Ding dong..... ding dong the doorbell rung. “ James..... James...... James.... please.... James, ” the boys shouted. James opened the door. He was surprised to see the two bullies at his front porch, James questioned them. “ Have you come for more or to say sorry?. ” They both replied, “ We know we've been pain in the attic, but we’ve come to say sorry. Our things have gone missing and we need help finding them. How do we get rid of the curse?” James replied, “ All you have to do is say sorry.” “ Sorry.... sorry James ” they shouted. “ Is the curse gone yet? “ they asked. “ Well, go and see.” James answered. They ran into their rooms and found their belongings where they were and swore to never bully people again.

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