Friday, October 4, 2013


Everyone has a favourite something and for George it was fireworks. Every day he would dream
of a magical moment where instead of watching the fireworks from his window he would watch
them up close at the festival. This year he wanted to make his dream come true. His mother had
gave him two tickets to go see the festival, but the only problem was, that he did not have any
time to go to the festival because of his rugby training, guitar lessons and church stuff. He did
not want to waste the ticket. So he gave up his guitar lessons to go and see the festival full of
shooting fireworks up in the air.

He had arrived in the parking lot at the festival with is mate Johnny. They walked into the park
and saw some fireworks had already been shot up into the sky, George felt like his heart was
missing beats and walked towards the other fireworks that were flying up in the air. "Hey...
Johnny, tell me that this is your first time seeing fireworks up this close?" George asked. "
No......." Johnny said trying to make his way past George.

It was so amazing for George to see all of those fireworks up close for the first time. He was
very excited that the next day he went to school, he wrote a recount about it and posted it up on
his blog. He mostly talked about how he really came to his dream and made it come true.
While he was watching TV, he saw a really interesting commercial that had fireworks, it had
said, " COME TO THE BIGGEST SHOW IN TOWN, WHERE YOU WILL SEE PERFORMANCE  AND YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN LOOKING AT THE FIREWORKS" the commercial had not finish yet and George picked up the phone and called Johnny and said, " Are you up for another look up close at fireworks?"

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