Thursday, October 3, 2013

McCauley's opening day

A few months ago I attended McCauley's opening day. I looked at what they want students who go to McCauley to do. They wanted people to learn and achieve something from what they have learnt.

Monday 25 March after school, I went to the opening for McCauley High school, it’s where all the year 8 this year go to a collage they think they would like to school at. They will go there for like half and hour and see what the school policies are and all that other stuff. They seniors there will take us around the school and we will take a little tour around and look at the classes. I thought it would take a little bit longer, but it only took ten minute. McCauley High school has good marks and are one of the top schools. They are high in academics and achieve their goals every year. The lady said that not everyone of us there would make it in. If we bring in the forms quickly we will make it in no time.  

McCauley is a school full of pacific students, they do culture stuff and sports. They go on school trips, camp, retreat’s and many other fun things. They do not take any tolerance and if you are warned three times  you're out. They are a Catholic school who have students from Australia, America, Samoa, Tonga, Africa and New Zealand.
McCauley High School is a very good school. It will help me to achieve my goals.

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