Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home alone

“Yeah, home alone I shouted, but wait there's a noise, what could it be?” I slowly placed the plate on the kitchen bench and dried my hands. I went into the rooms to see what that queries noise was. It sounded like someone or something  was getting attacked by a dog. That noise was not to be seen anywhere, I searched and searched but no respond. I carried on with my dishes and waited until I could hear that noise again.
There you go again, I hear that queries noise again. I was getting furious as it came closer and louder. Fear was starting to come through my body as I dropped the plate and it shattered into pieces. The noise was getting closer and closer, as the noise  was approaching, I hear laughter and more laughter coming from the sitting room. “I thought I was home alone” I whispered.

“ Hahahahahahahahahaha you fool, you should have seen your face when we made that noise with the toy truck and the dog. Hahahaha” my brother and cousins laughed and teased. I felt like a fool when my cousin’s and brother made fun of me, my face turned red and I stormed off to my room.
I was very angry that I thought to have a rest and wake up with a clear mind.

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