Sunday, October 13, 2013

White Sunday

Up and out of bed as soon as that alarm went off, I looked at the clock and it was only 5:25 am but I had to get up, there was no choice. My mother had walked into my room and yanked the blanket off me and told me to get ready. Okay so today a day for kids, in Samoan we call that, Lotu a Tamaiti. Kids feel very special on this very day. I got ready, went and sat at the front waiting impatiently.
Time was going by very fast, it was 7 O'clock and my mother just finished doing my hair and then woke my sister up to go for a shower. Everyone in the house was ready then off we went to church.

The car parks weren't even full and it was already 8: 30. Well I thought. I walked into the hall and it was packed with white headbands bobbing around the hall. I looked all over the hall for my class and went to them. We waited for a little while and then made our way into the church. We walked in singing a song we always sing. My palms were sweating like I just washed my hands, I was shacking. It was so scary even though I wasn't even on the stage yet. It was one more class away from our class and we had to leave to get ready.

I went on stage and said my part, our play was about Elisabeth and her husband who couldn't have children when one night she became pregnant and born a child. Our class preformed and was so happy at the end because we finished. More classes were show casing what they did in their practices. I really wish that today would never end but every day is a new day. We went home and celebrate with Mac Donald's. It was also my fathers birthday. I said happy birthday to my dad. We asked him what those he want for his birthday, he said that he doesn't want anything, he just wants us to do well in school.
Today is a blessed day for kids in Samoa and around the world. White Sunday is a day for kids act out what they know about God. Next year is another day for kids, White Sunday comes once a year.   


  1. What a lovely recount. You have had a very special day to end off the holidays.

    Mrs Burt

  2. What an awesome day you had Julia. Love the way you described your White Sunday. Looking forward to see you tomorrow.


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