Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday of the holidays

So the holidays are almost up and my family and I are getting ready for white Sunday. We go off to Otahuhu and then back to Onehunga. A few hours past and we were already in stores, looking at clothes, shoes and other things. 
Store after store, every shop we went into, came out with something from that shop. I ran from one place to another then my time of fun ended. 

" Sorry miss's, but you have to stop playing around, you might end up hurting someone" a familiar voice growls me off. I looked up and saw my uncle, I screamed out so loud that he cupped his hands to my mouth. " UNCLE, WHERE WERE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU'VE BEEN UP TO? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES!." I questioned with no pause. He replied. " I've been busy doing work stuff, going to church and yeah." I was so happy that I didn't even say good bye and walked off.

My mum brought me new shoes and I ran to hug her and snatched the bag out of her hands. With a big smile, my mum made me turn that smile up side down. She said it wasn't for me, but she was just joking around. I brought a lot of things, then we brought some sushi and went home. I was getting nervous every time I see my white clothes. I just cant wait until this all finishes. 

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