Friday, November 8, 2013


"Grace, why are you hanging around with those losers, come and sit with us, Dona said. The girls behind her started giggling and walked away to the popular table. Grace was so angry that she stood up to Dona and said to her to stop being mean and bulling others. They were best friends from when they were in primary, but something happened during their way to high school. Dona was wanting to become one of those popular girls that always hang around the cool kids, but Grace wanted the other.
Not long after the bell rang for home time, all the students ran off their own ways. None wanted to be late for the home coming ball at 9:00. So Grace went into her room and brought out her mothers dress that she wore to her first ball when she was in high school. It was put in a box under her bed, she kept all the photos of her mother in there so that she could remember how lovely and beautiful her mother is. A few years before she started collage, her mother passed away with skin cancer. Grace pulled out her mothers dress and placed it on the bed. She waited for the clock to strict 6:00 then she went for a shower.
Grace came back from the shower and put the dress on. Her father just walked pass and walked back to her room and stared at her with happiness. He said to her, " You look just like your mother when I saw her at the ball, you look just like her." " Thank you," she replied wiping her tears away from her face. she said to her father, " I just wish that mum was here, she would be going over board with all of this, she would probably get me some new shoes to go with this beautiful dress.

Grace arrived at the school hall everybody on the dance floor dancing and having fun, she walked down the stairs and a wave of face's turned to see who was that beautiful princes with long hair. In front of Grace was Dona and her two friends on her sides. She thought that the crowd of people were looking at her but she turned around and saw Grace at the back of her and went all quiet. She became the home coming queen and had said a little speech. In her speech, she had said something about friendship and how her mother always wanted her to become a crowed queen at her very first ball. She ended off with who took care of her when her mother passed away and she thanked her dad especially for taking good care of her, even though her mother died, he did a good job taking care of her.

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