Monday, November 28, 2011

Music Reflection

For Religious Education one morning we listened carefully to one of the songs we sing for class prayer time. We did a reflection on it, so we understand what we are singing. The song we listened to was 'I Surrender All' by the Hallelujah Project at Equippers Church. I really love singing this song at prayer time.

One of my best parts of this song is..
Take me Jesus, Take me now.

1) The reason why I picked this part of the song as my favourite part, is because it's telling Jesus to come and take me, take me now, so that I can be safe with him, tell him all my sin's that I have done, and ask him to forgive me.

2) I feel excited when I listen to this song and sing it, because my Brother (Jesus) is coming to take me and he will forgive all my sin's I have done and keep me safe.

3) Jesus to me in this song, he is a very special Son of God. He is full of glory, I will Surrender all I have to him because I trust him, to give me everything I need and more.

4) My Prayer to my Heavenly Daddy!
"Hey Daddy, Thank You that I can come to you and feel very safe, I know sometimes I can mess up, please forgive me for what I have done wrong. Please forgive me. Love your child who will never stop loving you. Amen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Are Special Toondoon.

You Are Special.

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of wooden wemmicks. Some wemmicks were small, and some were big. Some wemmicks have small noses, some have long and big noses. A couple of wemmicks have stars, but others have small grey dots. A lot of wemmicks can jump over stacks of box's, they can do all sorts of things, but some can not do anything like that. Punchinello is one of them, he tries his hardest to jump over the box's, but he can't. Whenever people make him stand, they always give Punchinello a small grey dot. Once Punchinello stood in water or puddles, people will gather around him and give Punchinello small grey dots. Punchinello was very upset with people giving him small grey dot's. So he said to himself, "I can't do it, I will never get to do what other wemmicks do." While Punchinello was walking down a steep hill, he was very surprised to see one beautiful girl. Punchinello said to the girl, "oh hello dear, my name is Punchinello, whats your name.?" "oh my name is Lucia, how do you do?" "good thank you." Punchinello was very happy and sad to see Lucia. Punchinello asked Lucia,"why don't you have any stars, or small grey dot's on you?."Lucia replied, "oh I just go to Eli."! "who's Eli,? "Eli is the person who made all wemmicks, hes just up the hill." "I always sit in his work room, he doesn't mind." One day Eli said to me,"If you don't want any stars or small grey dot's on your body, you have to believe in yourself." and I did, that is how I don't have any stars or dot's on my body." Every time Lucia does good things, she always gets a star she doesn't want are star on her body it just falls right off. She believes in what Eli said. Lucia said to Punchinello, "why don't you go to Eli, and tell him how you feel about being treated like that." Punchinello was wondering if he should go or not. When Punchinello made up his mind, he said to Lucia,"but what if he does not want to see me." When he tured to see Lucia she was gone. So Punchinello went to Eli's house and started to call Eli's name, Eli didn't respond. So Punchinello walked to the door, and he heard someone say,"Punchinello......, is that you?" Punchinello tured around slowly and said,"yes it is me." Eli said,"everyday I've been hoping you will come, but no this is the first time you have ever come to me." Eli, can I ask you something."oh why yes you can.""How do I not get small grey dots?" "you just have to believe in yourself and my love, don't allow people to put small Grey dot's on your body." Punchinello was happy to hear what Eli said. So he said, but I'm not special,""oh yes you are special, you are my wemmick ." So Punchinello walked outside the door and he believed in what Eli said and the small grey dot's fell off his body. THE END.

Friday, September 2, 2011

First day in the pool.

Today room6 was split up into two groups. There was a group A & and group B. Group A was the first to go into the pool. While group A was swimming, the other group stayed inside the class and did some work. When Miss Oldfield came back from the pools, group B were in their seats doing their work. Miss Oldfield was proud of us and she said “when the big hand is in between the 10 and the 11 that is when we go and get change.” Then Deja said “when the big hand gets in the middle of ten and eleven, that is when we go and get change.” But we decided to go earlier. When the girls went to get their bag’s, we got given some caps to wear in the pool’s. It was time to go into the water. When we all got into the water Mr Burton said “can you please go and put your hands on the side of the pool.” First of all we played Symon Say’s, then we got told to swim to the other side and back. After we finished doing our laps. We had to go to our groups that we were split into. Then we learned how to swim. The first thing we had to learn was how to swim with our hands behind your ears and kick. I was so excited to learn how to swim. When we finish doing all of our lesson's, we got asked to move to the other side of the pool and wait until Mr Burton said to group B to pick an animal and then we will swim to the other side of the pool were the stairs are and we will get out of the pool.

My Feelings slide show.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday

It was the first day of the holidays, I was so excited because I thought I was going to my Grandpa’s house. Sadly I didn't because my sister and I might fight and my mother also didn't want me to go to my Grandpa’s house because she didn't want my brother to stay home by himself.
My mother said in Samoan "you have to stay with your brother, if you do not stay then your brother will be scared." My brother screamed out and said, "no I am not scared mum, its just you that's to scared to let me stay home by myself." While they were arguing, I went to the kitchen and found something to eat. When I come back from the kitchen, my brother and mother were quiet like mice. My mother said to me “why did you go into the kitchen?” I said “because I was hungry.” My mother said “Julia, next time if you go into the kitchen, you have to get the people at the front some food not just you, OK.”

The next day my parents woke up very early to go to work. While my brother and I were asleep, my father was making our lunch. When my parents left the house, I got out of bed and went to the television and watched the movies that were on. When my brother woke from his sleep, I was still watching but then we heard a knock on the door, it was my mother who returned from work. She said to me, “why are you watching TV?” I didn’t say a word. My brother and I were watching TV until the kids movies were done. After that I had to do my homework that I got given. It was the end of the day and my father returned from work.

When I went to sleep I had a very bad dream, my dream was.......
I was with my family and we were all asleep, when I heard people attack our home but my family managed to escape. While there was an army, I got lost and was so terrified. I was lost in a very big crowd, when all these robots came to me with guns and tried and attack me. I walked into somebodies house and I was with other people who where so scared. They said to me “please can you go and get as something to eat please.” I was walking and I heard a baby crying. I walked into the room where the baby was crying from, it was a trap by the robots who were attacking our homes. I had my gun with me but when I walked into the room, the robots saw me and were walking to me. I had my gun out when I tried shooting the robots, I couldn't because I was out of bullets. I was walking backwards from the robots, when somebody put their hands around my eyes. That was when I woke up from my dream, guess who it was?.... It was my mother, she said to me “you got dishes to do.!”

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whats it like to have my own blog.

I have found that having my own blog is awesome because we can put our stories on it.
The other thing about having my blog, and putting my piece of writing on my blog and people from around the world can see how good I am writing and how good I am learning. When I go on my blog and paste my work on and I can show my families how I work at school.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Embellishment Story

This is a made up story that I wrote in class. Some of it is true and some of it is embellished. We were practicing writing with embellishment in writing time.
It was in the holidays when I went to my grandpas house and spent only one day, but it was still cool. I had lots of fun playing with my cousin and my little sister, we enjoyed playing hide and seek. I tried spending the whole day playing with my cousin and sister because I was going back home and I wanted to going to Tamaki college with my brother. I was sad to leave my grandpas house and excited at the same time to go to Tamaki college. When I was going my cousin and my sister said “PLEASE don’t go” and my cousin gave me the puppy eyes. I was going to stay but at the same time I wanted to go. So I chose to go to Tamaki college. My sister didn’t really mean what she said when she said “please don’t go.”
When it came to the day for me and my brother to go to Tamaki college I was so excited to go but I miss getting lots of food and playing the games that we played at Grandpas. When we got to Tamaki college I went straight in the hall to get warmer, but when I went in the hall it was locked so I had to stay out side. It was so cold that I went back in the car and stayed until the hall was open. When the hall was open I ran straight in and ask the man who was looking after the hall “can I please have a ball?” he said “you have nice manners” and I just walked away.
When I went in the hall it was so cold that I played basket ball with my cousin’s and friends so that I could get warmer. When we started playing I was so angry at my cousin because he made me fall and make a bump on my head. I said “ look what you did” he said “oh sorry, I don't care”, but then she said sorry to me after a while.
I had so much fun playing basket ball with my friends and cousins. When we started all the kids were so excited because D.J Forbes was coming to the program for the first and last time. That was my last time too because I didn’t want to go any more because I wanted to go to my grandpas house.
When D.J Forbes came I was so excited that I ran outside and came back inside, he said “are you all right?” I screamed and he said “its all right stop screaming or I might go back home ” that's when I stopped screaming because I didn’t want to let him go. He’s my favourite rugby player in the All Blacks, I couldn’t stop screaming so then he said to me “if you stop screaming you can sleep over my house,” now that made me scream even more. I think he was getting so angry at me so then I stopped screaming. He told me “pick a friend or your cousin to come, I was so excited that I picked my cousin. When I went back to play my uncle blew the whistle I said “oh man.” He called us in so that D.J Forbes could play a game, it was called Drop, Run, Stop.
It was home time and I went with my cousin to D.J Forbes house and played with his friends and slept over his house.