Friday, September 2, 2011

First day in the pool.

Today room6 was split up into two groups. There was a group A & and group B. Group A was the first to go into the pool. While group A was swimming, the other group stayed inside the class and did some work. When Miss Oldfield came back from the pools, group B were in their seats doing their work. Miss Oldfield was proud of us and she said “when the big hand is in between the 10 and the 11 that is when we go and get change.” Then Deja said “when the big hand gets in the middle of ten and eleven, that is when we go and get change.” But we decided to go earlier. When the girls went to get their bag’s, we got given some caps to wear in the pool’s. It was time to go into the water. When we all got into the water Mr Burton said “can you please go and put your hands on the side of the pool.” First of all we played Symon Say’s, then we got told to swim to the other side and back. After we finished doing our laps. We had to go to our groups that we were split into. Then we learned how to swim. The first thing we had to learn was how to swim with our hands behind your ears and kick. I was so excited to learn how to swim. When we finish doing all of our lesson's, we got asked to move to the other side of the pool and wait until Mr Burton said to group B to pick an animal and then we will swim to the other side of the pool were the stairs are and we will get out of the pool.

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