Friday, November 8, 2013


"Grace, why are you hanging around with those losers, come and sit with us, Dona said. The girls behind her started giggling and walked away to the popular table. Grace was so angry that she stood up to Dona and said to her to stop being mean and bulling others. They were best friends from when they were in primary, but something happened during their way to high school. Dona was wanting to become one of those popular girls that always hang around the cool kids, but Grace wanted the other.
Not long after the bell rang for home time, all the students ran off their own ways. None wanted to be late for the home coming ball at 9:00. So Grace went into her room and brought out her mothers dress that she wore to her first ball when she was in high school. It was put in a box under her bed, she kept all the photos of her mother in there so that she could remember how lovely and beautiful her mother is. A few years before she started collage, her mother passed away with skin cancer. Grace pulled out her mothers dress and placed it on the bed. She waited for the clock to strict 6:00 then she went for a shower.
Grace came back from the shower and put the dress on. Her father just walked pass and walked back to her room and stared at her with happiness. He said to her, " You look just like your mother when I saw her at the ball, you look just like her." " Thank you," she replied wiping her tears away from her face. she said to her father, " I just wish that mum was here, she would be going over board with all of this, she would probably get me some new shoes to go with this beautiful dress.

Grace arrived at the school hall everybody on the dance floor dancing and having fun, she walked down the stairs and a wave of face's turned to see who was that beautiful princes with long hair. In front of Grace was Dona and her two friends on her sides. She thought that the crowd of people were looking at her but she turned around and saw Grace at the back of her and went all quiet. She became the home coming queen and had said a little speech. In her speech, she had said something about friendship and how her mother always wanted her to become a crowed queen at her very first ball. She ended off with who took care of her when her mother passed away and she thanked her dad especially for taking good care of her, even though her mother died, he did a good job taking care of her.

communion Of Saints

Communion Of SaintsSt Anthony of Padua



This week I did testing on Maths, Reading, Writing,E-asttle and spelling. I think I did quite well, it was nerve racking waiting for the test to start and to finish. I know that I didn't put my all in the writing test but I could have tried harder. I'm just so happy that the testing are over but then I know that my test results are not that good.
My spelling I think I did well 73 out of 100 I just need to try and learn my words and sound them out.

I feel so relieved that testing week is over.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday Speech

Herd a nice speech Sunday morning about BEING THE BEST YOU CAN. My little bro stood on stage tall and proud. First of all before anything else, he thanked the Lord and minister for a great opportunity and off he went.
Being the best you can, can be very hard, but still you try to get your parents smiling. It's not that easy but you get there in the end. Iavana, the name of the young lad who preached. He spoke about how P.I. students are always below standards. Always giving up, losing hope and mostly leaving school. Everyday he would return from school and his parents would ask, " How was school today? Did you stay out of trouble? You have to try your hardest TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN." 
Iavana was known for a good dancer. He also encouraged a lot of P.I. kids, you don't have to be tall, strong, short nor smart to be the best you can. You just have to try. He also mentioned that he went to school to meet his friends, play and not only that, but to eat his delicious Island lunch. Iavana announced, " My papa and Nana are the two that encouraged me to be the best I can. Them leaving home, their families to come here to Aotearoa for a better life. They wanted a better feature for my siblings and I. My grandparents encouraged us to move forward stop lurking around." 
" From below, to below, but wait," he paused with a grin, " WELL BELOW " the church cracked with laughter, but to others, they thought it was stupid.  Your grades don't need you too be the best you can. Just never give up on what you have started. Go all the way. He finished off with a great big smile and some words.
"Faa'fetai lava, Malo and I hope you enjoyed my speech."
I went home feeling so happy, knowing that everything I could do, could make me be the best person I could ever be. Not worrying about your height nor size to be the best you can be. Knowing that you have people backing you up in all your learning.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

White Sunday

Up and out of bed as soon as that alarm went off, I looked at the clock and it was only 5:25 am but I had to get up, there was no choice. My mother had walked into my room and yanked the blanket off me and told me to get ready. Okay so today a day for kids, in Samoan we call that, Lotu a Tamaiti. Kids feel very special on this very day. I got ready, went and sat at the front waiting impatiently.
Time was going by very fast, it was 7 O'clock and my mother just finished doing my hair and then woke my sister up to go for a shower. Everyone in the house was ready then off we went to church.

The car parks weren't even full and it was already 8: 30. Well I thought. I walked into the hall and it was packed with white headbands bobbing around the hall. I looked all over the hall for my class and went to them. We waited for a little while and then made our way into the church. We walked in singing a song we always sing. My palms were sweating like I just washed my hands, I was shacking. It was so scary even though I wasn't even on the stage yet. It was one more class away from our class and we had to leave to get ready.

I went on stage and said my part, our play was about Elisabeth and her husband who couldn't have children when one night she became pregnant and born a child. Our class preformed and was so happy at the end because we finished. More classes were show casing what they did in their practices. I really wish that today would never end but every day is a new day. We went home and celebrate with Mac Donald's. It was also my fathers birthday. I said happy birthday to my dad. We asked him what those he want for his birthday, he said that he doesn't want anything, he just wants us to do well in school.
Today is a blessed day for kids in Samoa and around the world. White Sunday is a day for kids act out what they know about God. Next year is another day for kids, White Sunday comes once a year.   

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday of the holidays

So the holidays are almost up and my family and I are getting ready for white Sunday. We go off to Otahuhu and then back to Onehunga. A few hours past and we were already in stores, looking at clothes, shoes and other things. 
Store after store, every shop we went into, came out with something from that shop. I ran from one place to another then my time of fun ended. 

" Sorry miss's, but you have to stop playing around, you might end up hurting someone" a familiar voice growls me off. I looked up and saw my uncle, I screamed out so loud that he cupped his hands to my mouth. " UNCLE, WHERE WERE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU'VE BEEN UP TO? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES!." I questioned with no pause. He replied. " I've been busy doing work stuff, going to church and yeah." I was so happy that I didn't even say good bye and walked off.

My mum brought me new shoes and I ran to hug her and snatched the bag out of her hands. With a big smile, my mum made me turn that smile up side down. She said it wasn't for me, but she was just joking around. I brought a lot of things, then we brought some sushi and went home. I was getting nervous every time I see my white clothes. I just cant wait until this all finishes. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Friday of the school holidays

Today is the last Friday of the school holidays, time has gone so fast that we don't even notice. I tried to make most of the day by doing house wok and then run around the house chasing my little sister.
I woke up feeling so happy knowing that I was going out to town to get my clothes ready for Sunday. I brushed my teeth and watched some t.v. All the kids program finished so I decided to play cards with my sister.
We played last card then after 5 games I found it boring playing the same game over and over again. We played a Samoan game called Lami. You have 5 cards in hand, the rest of the cards go in the middle and you have another 4 cards on the ground, you go in a circle and swap cards around with the ones on the ground. I got so angry that I threw my cards at my sisters face and she just burst out laughing. We would play cards every time we were bored. The last days of the holidays was so cool. I cant wait until school starts back.