Sunday, October 13, 2013

White Sunday

Up and out of bed as soon as that alarm went off, I looked at the clock and it was only 5:25 am but I had to get up, there was no choice. My mother had walked into my room and yanked the blanket off me and told me to get ready. Okay so today a day for kids, in Samoan we call that, Lotu a Tamaiti. Kids feel very special on this very day. I got ready, went and sat at the front waiting impatiently.
Time was going by very fast, it was 7 O'clock and my mother just finished doing my hair and then woke my sister up to go for a shower. Everyone in the house was ready then off we went to church.

The car parks weren't even full and it was already 8: 30. Well I thought. I walked into the hall and it was packed with white headbands bobbing around the hall. I looked all over the hall for my class and went to them. We waited for a little while and then made our way into the church. We walked in singing a song we always sing. My palms were sweating like I just washed my hands, I was shacking. It was so scary even though I wasn't even on the stage yet. It was one more class away from our class and we had to leave to get ready.

I went on stage and said my part, our play was about Elisabeth and her husband who couldn't have children when one night she became pregnant and born a child. Our class preformed and was so happy at the end because we finished. More classes were show casing what they did in their practices. I really wish that today would never end but every day is a new day. We went home and celebrate with Mac Donald's. It was also my fathers birthday. I said happy birthday to my dad. We asked him what those he want for his birthday, he said that he doesn't want anything, he just wants us to do well in school.
Today is a blessed day for kids in Samoa and around the world. White Sunday is a day for kids act out what they know about God. Next year is another day for kids, White Sunday comes once a year.   

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday of the holidays

So the holidays are almost up and my family and I are getting ready for white Sunday. We go off to Otahuhu and then back to Onehunga. A few hours past and we were already in stores, looking at clothes, shoes and other things. 
Store after store, every shop we went into, came out with something from that shop. I ran from one place to another then my time of fun ended. 

" Sorry miss's, but you have to stop playing around, you might end up hurting someone" a familiar voice growls me off. I looked up and saw my uncle, I screamed out so loud that he cupped his hands to my mouth. " UNCLE, WHERE WERE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU'VE BEEN UP TO? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES!." I questioned with no pause. He replied. " I've been busy doing work stuff, going to church and yeah." I was so happy that I didn't even say good bye and walked off.

My mum brought me new shoes and I ran to hug her and snatched the bag out of her hands. With a big smile, my mum made me turn that smile up side down. She said it wasn't for me, but she was just joking around. I brought a lot of things, then we brought some sushi and went home. I was getting nervous every time I see my white clothes. I just cant wait until this all finishes. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Friday of the school holidays

Today is the last Friday of the school holidays, time has gone so fast that we don't even notice. I tried to make most of the day by doing house wok and then run around the house chasing my little sister.
I woke up feeling so happy knowing that I was going out to town to get my clothes ready for Sunday. I brushed my teeth and watched some t.v. All the kids program finished so I decided to play cards with my sister.
We played last card then after 5 games I found it boring playing the same game over and over again. We played a Samoan game called Lami. You have 5 cards in hand, the rest of the cards go in the middle and you have another 4 cards on the ground, you go in a circle and swap cards around with the ones on the ground. I got so angry that I threw my cards at my sisters face and she just burst out laughing. We would play cards every time we were bored. The last days of the holidays was so cool. I cant wait until school starts back. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

White Sunday practise's

A few days ago or say it as one week ago, my siblings and I have attended White Sunday practise's. White Sunday is where children any age come and join, they receive parts from the bible. They have to learn it then come the Sunday, we act it out. Every day we go church and run through the play. Well we try and go through it. People constantly lose tract and then start laughing.

Well our play is about Sakaria and Elisapeta, I was Elisapeta and my cousin was Sakaria. It felt so weird because it was just weird. I tried not to look at my cousins on the other side of the stage but I failed, I looked up and saw put off faces, horrible faces. Just joking 

One day when Sakaria is burning stuff in his temple, Angels of the Lord appear to Sakaria, they tell him, " Your wife will bear a child. You must name him John." Sakaria does not believe this, but still listens. With feelings and thoughts, Sakaria doubts that his wife will have a child. Gabriel hovers above him and say's, "Because you do not believe, you will scream out but no one will hear you."
Elisapeta then born her child and named it John. John became a very special child of God and serves him.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013


" Hey, up for some walking this afternoon?" my Nana asked. I tried walking away but knew that it was rude so I stood there and said happily,  "Yeah sure, but will see this afternoon. I'm pretty tired aye Nana." I tried getting out of it. I was in Rewa, short for Manurewa. We had family meeting and had to catch up on our family reunion. After everyone knew where and what to do for the family reunion, they started dancing and had a bowl to put money in.

Adults where dancing and doing their Samoan slap dances. Family after family, shouting and screaming with excitement as family dance and show off their talents. The bowl was getting fuel every minute. Family come up with empty bowls and go off with a lot of money. All the money made was given for the house we are going to stay in for our family reunion. After all that dancing, the teenagers and I put out tables for the evening meal.  Everyone waited and waited, finally they were eating like nothing. After everyone eat, it was time for clean up.

It was 2 hours after our family gathering finished and we were off home. Well I thought. The car drove through rocky gates, and I saw signs and bushes. We stopped and I hoped out. We were going for a walk. I forgot the place but there was one hundred stairs. We went around the course and stayed at the park waiting for other family members. We waited for 1 hour and finally they arrived. 
It was actually fun waiting for them because I had a chance to play with my cousins and friends. I enjoyed running around the park and making fun of them. 
" We come back next week Saturday," my Nana said. I felt like falling to the ground. 

Friday, October 4, 2013


Everyone has a favourite something and for George it was fireworks. Every day he would dream
of a magical moment where instead of watching the fireworks from his window he would watch
them up close at the festival. This year he wanted to make his dream come true. His mother had
gave him two tickets to go see the festival, but the only problem was, that he did not have any
time to go to the festival because of his rugby training, guitar lessons and church stuff. He did
not want to waste the ticket. So he gave up his guitar lessons to go and see the festival full of
shooting fireworks up in the air.

He had arrived in the parking lot at the festival with is mate Johnny. They walked into the park
and saw some fireworks had already been shot up into the sky, George felt like his heart was
missing beats and walked towards the other fireworks that were flying up in the air. "Hey...
Johnny, tell me that this is your first time seeing fireworks up this close?" George asked. "
No......." Johnny said trying to make his way past George.

It was so amazing for George to see all of those fireworks up close for the first time. He was
very excited that the next day he went to school, he wrote a recount about it and posted it up on
his blog. He mostly talked about how he really came to his dream and made it come true.
While he was watching TV, he saw a really interesting commercial that had fireworks, it had
said, " COME TO THE BIGGEST SHOW IN TOWN, WHERE YOU WILL SEE PERFORMANCE  AND YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN LOOKING AT THE FIREWORKS" the commercial had not finish yet and George picked up the phone and called Johnny and said, " Are you up for another look up close at fireworks?"

Book Review

Choose a word to describe your book.

Title: The Littles Go Exploring. Author: John Peterson.
Date started: 29 July 2013     Date finished: 31 July 2013
What was the book about?
It is about a family whom their granddad goes missing for a few years. They find a secret room that they have never seen him in their entire life. They proclaim that their grandfather has been secretly going into that room without telling the Little family.
They decide to go on an adventure to find their long lost granddad.

What did you like about the book?
The Littles all had a meeting about what should happen, who should go where and who stays. The plan was for the two Little's who found the room had to go and look for their grandpa. But Mrs Little is too scared to let them go on their own, she say's it's too dangerous.
Then they finally make up their minds. In a few weeks, the Little family are off and away on their journey.

What was your favourite part of the book?
The Little's family fell into the same thing that happened to grandpa Little. They landed on a deserted Island and herd voice coming from the east. They slowly turn to where the voice's where coming from, Tom yells out, " GRANDPA" and runs to hug his long lost grandpa.
(Finding the Little's granddad)

How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)
I give this book 5 star's. It is very adventurous and interesting.
This book is very adventurous because they have a lot of problems to solve.

German Lifestyle

German People Lifestyle
German people are very nice and comforting people, they are very fair people. They love to help others and share their belongings with other people.
Germans love visiting the Berlin wall, they are tall people and love their culture. In Germany their religions are very important to them. Germans love celebrations and alcohol. They usually eat sausages and love their meat. Germans love going to the museum and the theatres. Every year they roll out the red carpet and watch over 400 films and celebrate the Berlin wall that kept them between the cold world war.

Germans have passion for their food, the most popular saying in Germany is “ Breakfast like and emperor, lunch like a beggar’. A typical German breakfast includes a selection of breads, cereals, cheese and meats.  Fish is eaten in the north. Immigrants have also brought their cuisine to the country. Asian, Italian and Turkish restaurants can be found in most cities.  German people are also good bike riders, they manage to look elegant whilst freewheeling down  cobbled streets. They are also highly at adept riding with umbrellas.  Germans can ride without any hands and are known for their good bike skills. Germans are really good at anything they do but if they are not good at it, they would try their very hardest to get any better at it.  German people can speak proper english then English people.

Germans do not appreciate the rude finger when driving. If you give it to a fellow driver, that driver reserves the right to report you and your license plate and you will get a fine. Germans seem to enjoy camping and staying out of their houses. Germans actually respect quiet time on Sundays, when they vacuum, use lawn mowers or other loud objects and generally keep it at a low level of noise.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

McCauley's opening day

A few months ago I attended McCauley's opening day. I looked at what they want students who go to McCauley to do. They wanted people to learn and achieve something from what they have learnt.

Monday 25 March after school, I went to the opening for McCauley High school, it’s where all the year 8 this year go to a collage they think they would like to school at. They will go there for like half and hour and see what the school policies are and all that other stuff. They seniors there will take us around the school and we will take a little tour around and look at the classes. I thought it would take a little bit longer, but it only took ten minute. McCauley High school has good marks and are one of the top schools. They are high in academics and achieve their goals every year. The lady said that not everyone of us there would make it in. If we bring in the forms quickly we will make it in no time.  

McCauley is a school full of pacific students, they do culture stuff and sports. They go on school trips, camp, retreat’s and many other fun things. They do not take any tolerance and if you are warned three times  you're out. They are a Catholic school who have students from Australia, America, Samoa, Tonga, Africa and New Zealand.
McCauley High School is a very good school. It will help me to achieve my goals.

Home alone

“Yeah, home alone I shouted, but wait there's a noise, what could it be?” I slowly placed the plate on the kitchen bench and dried my hands. I went into the rooms to see what that queries noise was. It sounded like someone or something  was getting attacked by a dog. That noise was not to be seen anywhere, I searched and searched but no respond. I carried on with my dishes and waited until I could hear that noise again.
There you go again, I hear that queries noise again. I was getting furious as it came closer and louder. Fear was starting to come through my body as I dropped the plate and it shattered into pieces. The noise was getting closer and closer, as the noise  was approaching, I hear laughter and more laughter coming from the sitting room. “I thought I was home alone” I whispered.

“ Hahahahahahahahahaha you fool, you should have seen your face when we made that noise with the toy truck and the dog. Hahahaha” my brother and cousins laughed and teased. I felt like a fool when my cousin’s and brother made fun of me, my face turned red and I stormed off to my room.
I was very angry that I thought to have a rest and wake up with a clear mind.

Thea Stilton Book Review

Choose a word to describe your book.

Title: Thea Stilton and the Blue scarab Author: Thea Stilton
Date started: 1 October Date finished: 3 October

What was the book about?
Thea and her sisters/ close friends where invited to go to Egypt to find an ancient treasure of the sun.
What did you like about the book?
The Thea sisters haven’t been together for a long time and have been invited to help solve/find a mystery.
What was your favourite part of the book?
The Thea sisters found the treasure.

How many stars would you give this book?
I give this book a 5 Because its very adventurous and interesting.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)

I give this book a 5 star because it is very adventurous and interesting.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today was the best day of my holidays so far. I woke up to some good news. “ Your sister is going out with her friends,” my mom says, “ So you have to stay home with your brother.” I just went from 10 to 5. I heard screaming and shouting from my sister, asking where her shoes and jacket is. She walked out of the bath room with her hair in a ponytail. She was so excited to leave the house and do some outdoor activity. She waited and waited for her ride to come. It was 8 going on to 10. She was getting impatient. Finally a white car pulls up in our driveway. Hono honk......... honk honk. Off she went and the house was quiet.

I had some breakfast and waited for a program to come on television. Well I was waiting I did some of my maths to get ready for schools test at the end of the year. Studying for the test is so much harder than the actual test. I don’t know what to study so I study any maths problem I get. But the other problem is that I get different things in the test. So I went back onto my class site and looked back on term 1 to 3. It was going onto 12 O’clock, I stopped to get a snack and saw I was home alone, but I was wrong, my brother was in the garage lifting weights.

After studying and reading my book I went put my books away and watched some T.V. I'm not lying but I miss my sister being home. She makes the whole house very loud and then when she’s not here its just quiet. I ran around the house with my brothers phone to make some noise but I just started trouble. My brother got so angry at me he just left the house and went for I walk, so I just went to sleep.

Hours and hours passed I got up and studied some more. I was told to go do some housework so I ran and cleaned my room and did the dishes. I finished everything and sat down to rest.

Lost and found

Lost and found 

“ Hey you, stop there,” Jake shouted. “ You think you are all cool, getting A’s in your test and coming out on a high level.” John continued. Jake marched over to James and started pushing him and making fun of him. Jake and his friend John are two bullies who wants everything. They shoved James onto the ground and dashed off. James rose up and shouted out to two boys, “ I don’t like how you treat me, you will regret messing with me, curse you.” Jack yelled back, 

“ Whatever.” The two boys went home from school and had a little rest, after a few minutes Jake woke up and found that all of his things had disappeared, even his clothes. Jake thought he was dreaming until John leaped through his window and shouted panicking, “ All my things have gone missing, even my shoes.” “ That explains the pink sandals,” Jake teased. “ My things have gone missing to.” John had a idea for the two of them. He suggested they go and find some help. Jake said, “ Why don’t we separate, you go that way.

Jake went and asked his mom if she knew where all of his belong’s went, but she gave him a sad answer. Jake was hoping she would of said yes. He looked all over the place and still, they were nowhere to be found. John had asked his little sister because she keeps on going in and out of his room, but still she gave him the same answer as his mother. 

Jake was going to the last place he thought he left his stuff, and still nothing was there. He remember when we  they ran off, James said he’d curse us. Maybe that curse might be our stuff gone missing? He rang Jake and told him that they were cursed. Jake said he was coming over. 

Ding dong..... ding dong the doorbell rung. “ James..... James...... James.... please.... James, ” the boys shouted. James opened the door. He was surprised to see the two bullies at his front porch, James questioned them. “ Have you come for more or to say sorry?. ” They both replied, “ We know we've been pain in the attic, but we’ve come to say sorry. Our things have gone missing and we need help finding them. How do we get rid of the curse?” James replied, “ All you have to do is say sorry.” “ Sorry.... sorry James ” they shouted. “ Is the curse gone yet? “ they asked. “ Well, go and see.” James answered. They ran into their rooms and found their belongings where they were and swore to never bully people again.

Chanda's Wars

Title: Chanda's Wars  Author:  Allan Stratton
Date started: 20 September Date finished: 2 October
What was the book about?
Chanda’s mother passed away 6 months ago and she has to raise her brother and sister up. She had to stop going school, start working and get some money for her and the family. Chanda was told to go to Tiro where her mother was left to die. Chanda and her brother and sister got there and was greated from her grandma and was told that she was going to marry there next door neighbor's son.
What did you like about the book?
Chanda tries her hardest to find her brother and sister. Every time she goes somewhere dangerous a boy named Nelson will always track her down and follow her to make sure she’s safe but has a lot of excuses.
What was your favourite part of the book?
All of it.
How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)

I give this book five stars. It is very interesting and a touching book. No one can read Chanda’s Wars and remain untouched by this girl and how she is going through life without a mother.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Narrative Writing

Lei and his problems

Lei was in the middle of a mid year exam and was struggling to sit still and concentrate. He finished in seconds and was out that door, he walked home alongside his brothers thinking how people can go through these things?. Lei’s brothers were asking how did he feel about his assessment. Lei still had two other test to sit the next day. He arrived home and went straight to  doing his house work. As for his brothers they went straight to sleep.  Lei was making food for his grandparents and other family members. Nightfall's down and Morning rises, Lei can hear his grandma calling from outside his room, “ Lei, Lei....... nofo I luna e alu i le aoga.” Lei got up when he remembers theres two more exams left so he just falls back and pulls the sheet over his head.

Lei woke up and saw his grandma praying and walked pass her when he heard her call, he stopped and faced her.  She asked suspiciously. “ Lei, ai se a na e le alu i le aoga?.” Lei didn’t answer, the two both sat in silence. Ruta asked again, “ Why didnt you go to school Lei? ” Silence and more silence. Ruta understands why Lei didn’t want to go to school but she wanted to hear it from Lei himself. Lei sat there and waited for Ruta to tell him to go wash up and have breakfast. But she stood up and left. Uncle Luka walked pass and saw him, asked him why isn’t he at school, but he didn't care. Luka demanded Lei to go with him to the plantation and work there since he wasn’t at school.

Lei worked from morning till noon, every single day he would wake up, make breakfast, go to the plantation and come back to make lunch. Lei’s grandma will always ask him to go back to school and leave her and Luka to do the food for the family. Lei says that school is too complicated and he can’t handle it so thats why he dropped out of school.
Lei went back to work in the plantation with his uncle when he cut his hand, he screamed in pain, Luka yelled out, “ WHAT HAPPENED THERE? ” Lei yelled in pain “MY HAND MY HAND, I CUT MY HAND ” Luka paused, and swore to him and said go back to school.

Grandma heard all of this and took Lei in to enroll him into a school in Apia, he enrolled and was taken back to school. Lei tried his hardest and couldn't handle it but did it for his grandma's sake. Lei joined a dancing club and there dancing group was sent to New Zealand.

Lei went to New Zealand for his dance group and stayed with his grandma’s side and every day he would do his normal housework but in New Zealand.  He did a slap dance at a huge hall. He went back home and it was two days away from going back to Samoa. He was packing and doing shopping for his family. He was putting clothes into his suitcase when his aunt came and told him to stay. Lei was very lost, he didn’t know what to do nor say. “ Wait, what do you mean I need to stay?,  then that would mean i’ll be a overstayer!” Lei said with confusion. The group went back to Samoa and Lei stayed behind with his aunt and did everything he could to make them happy.
Lei found a job as a painter and worked for a man of his church. After years of working as a painter, he gave up painting and went for other jobs. He then became a carpenter and was very close to his boss. Every time Lei doesn’t go to work, he will always check up on him and ask why isn’t he at work.  Lei had to go back to Samoa and was stuck there for 12 months. 5 months later his boss rang and said,  “ why havent you been coming to work lately? ” Lei replies with embarrassment, “ Im back in Samoa, I’ve been in New Zealand for too long. I have been stood down from going out of Samoa for 12 months. ” “ What’s the number to the Samoan Station? I’ll give them a call and then you’ll be back in no time.” “ I....I.... have no words to say..... but THANK YOU ” Lie replies.
Two days after that call, Lei’s name was mentioned on the radio with some other names. He had a interview to go back to New Zealand for good, but the problem was, he needed 4000 dollars to enter. He went to a village where his oldest brother lived. He asked him if he could use some money. Maleko asked, “ what do you need the money for? “ “ I need it to pay my entrance into the Samoan Station, I have to pay 4000 dollars but I don’t have that much money.” Maleko gave him the money and he was off with the money and thanked Maleko.

Lei payed and was asked one questions and one hit him hard, “ Why do you want to go to New Zealand? ” Lei thought and thought then he said that he wanted to go to New Zealand to make some money for his family so that they can have food, shelter and clothing. He passed the test and was on a flight back to New Zealand.

Maths Problems

I am learning to know and understand Ratios.
A ratio says how much of one thing there is compared to another thing.

For example :
There are 3 blue squares to 1 Yellow square. Using the " : " to separate the values : 3 : 1
Instead of the " : " you use the word " to " : 3 to 1 or write it like a fraction. 3/1, 3 : 1.
A ratio can be scaled up.
Here the ratio is also 3 blue squares to 1 yellow square, even though there are more squares.

Using Ratios
The trick with ratios is to always multiply or divide the numbers by the same value.
Example :
4 : 5 is the same as 4 x 2 : 5 x 2 - 8 : 10
  4 : 5
x2 : 2
  8 : 10