Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Narrative Writing

Lei and his problems

Lei was in the middle of a mid year exam and was struggling to sit still and concentrate. He finished in seconds and was out that door, he walked home alongside his brothers thinking how people can go through these things?. Lei’s brothers were asking how did he feel about his assessment. Lei still had two other test to sit the next day. He arrived home and went straight to  doing his house work. As for his brothers they went straight to sleep.  Lei was making food for his grandparents and other family members. Nightfall's down and Morning rises, Lei can hear his grandma calling from outside his room, “ Lei, Lei....... nofo I luna e alu i le aoga.” Lei got up when he remembers theres two more exams left so he just falls back and pulls the sheet over his head.

Lei woke up and saw his grandma praying and walked pass her when he heard her call, he stopped and faced her.  She asked suspiciously. “ Lei, ai se a na e le alu i le aoga?.” Lei didn’t answer, the two both sat in silence. Ruta asked again, “ Why didnt you go to school Lei? ” Silence and more silence. Ruta understands why Lei didn’t want to go to school but she wanted to hear it from Lei himself. Lei sat there and waited for Ruta to tell him to go wash up and have breakfast. But she stood up and left. Uncle Luka walked pass and saw him, asked him why isn’t he at school, but he didn't care. Luka demanded Lei to go with him to the plantation and work there since he wasn’t at school.

Lei worked from morning till noon, every single day he would wake up, make breakfast, go to the plantation and come back to make lunch. Lei’s grandma will always ask him to go back to school and leave her and Luka to do the food for the family. Lei says that school is too complicated and he can’t handle it so thats why he dropped out of school.
Lei went back to work in the plantation with his uncle when he cut his hand, he screamed in pain, Luka yelled out, “ WHAT HAPPENED THERE? ” Lei yelled in pain “MY HAND MY HAND, I CUT MY HAND ” Luka paused, and swore to him and said go back to school.

Grandma heard all of this and took Lei in to enroll him into a school in Apia, he enrolled and was taken back to school. Lei tried his hardest and couldn't handle it but did it for his grandma's sake. Lei joined a dancing club and there dancing group was sent to New Zealand.

Lei went to New Zealand for his dance group and stayed with his grandma’s side and every day he would do his normal housework but in New Zealand.  He did a slap dance at a huge hall. He went back home and it was two days away from going back to Samoa. He was packing and doing shopping for his family. He was putting clothes into his suitcase when his aunt came and told him to stay. Lei was very lost, he didn’t know what to do nor say. “ Wait, what do you mean I need to stay?,  then that would mean i’ll be a overstayer!” Lei said with confusion. The group went back to Samoa and Lei stayed behind with his aunt and did everything he could to make them happy.
Lei found a job as a painter and worked for a man of his church. After years of working as a painter, he gave up painting and went for other jobs. He then became a carpenter and was very close to his boss. Every time Lei doesn’t go to work, he will always check up on him and ask why isn’t he at work.  Lei had to go back to Samoa and was stuck there for 12 months. 5 months later his boss rang and said,  “ why havent you been coming to work lately? ” Lei replies with embarrassment, “ Im back in Samoa, I’ve been in New Zealand for too long. I have been stood down from going out of Samoa for 12 months. ” “ What’s the number to the Samoan Station? I’ll give them a call and then you’ll be back in no time.” “ I....I.... have no words to say..... but THANK YOU ” Lie replies.
Two days after that call, Lei’s name was mentioned on the radio with some other names. He had a interview to go back to New Zealand for good, but the problem was, he needed 4000 dollars to enter. He went to a village where his oldest brother lived. He asked him if he could use some money. Maleko asked, “ what do you need the money for? “ “ I need it to pay my entrance into the Samoan Station, I have to pay 4000 dollars but I don’t have that much money.” Maleko gave him the money and he was off with the money and thanked Maleko.

Lei payed and was asked one questions and one hit him hard, “ Why do you want to go to New Zealand? ” Lei thought and thought then he said that he wanted to go to New Zealand to make some money for his family so that they can have food, shelter and clothing. He passed the test and was on a flight back to New Zealand.

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