Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review

Choose a word to describe your book.

Title: The Littles Go Exploring. Author: John Peterson.
Date started: 29 July 2013     Date finished: 31 July 2013
What was the book about?
It is about a family whom their granddad goes missing for a few years. They find a secret room that they have never seen him in their entire life. They proclaim that their grandfather has been secretly going into that room without telling the Little family.
They decide to go on an adventure to find their long lost granddad.

What did you like about the book?
The Littles all had a meeting about what should happen, who should go where and who stays. The plan was for the two Little's who found the room had to go and look for their grandpa. But Mrs Little is too scared to let them go on their own, she say's it's too dangerous.
Then they finally make up their minds. In a few weeks, the Little family are off and away on their journey.

What was your favourite part of the book?
The Little's family fell into the same thing that happened to grandpa Little. They landed on a deserted Island and herd voice coming from the east. They slowly turn to where the voice's where coming from, Tom yells out, " GRANDPA" and runs to hug his long lost grandpa.
(Finding the Little's granddad)

How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)
I give this book 5 star's. It is very adventurous and interesting.
This book is very adventurous because they have a lot of problems to solve.

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