Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today was the best day of my holidays so far. I woke up to some good news. “ Your sister is going out with her friends,” my mom says, “ So you have to stay home with your brother.” I just went from 10 to 5. I heard screaming and shouting from my sister, asking where her shoes and jacket is. She walked out of the bath room with her hair in a ponytail. She was so excited to leave the house and do some outdoor activity. She waited and waited for her ride to come. It was 8 going on to 10. She was getting impatient. Finally a white car pulls up in our driveway. Hono honk......... honk honk. Off she went and the house was quiet.

I had some breakfast and waited for a program to come on television. Well I was waiting I did some of my maths to get ready for schools test at the end of the year. Studying for the test is so much harder than the actual test. I don’t know what to study so I study any maths problem I get. But the other problem is that I get different things in the test. So I went back onto my class site and looked back on term 1 to 3. It was going onto 12 O’clock, I stopped to get a snack and saw I was home alone, but I was wrong, my brother was in the garage lifting weights.

After studying and reading my book I went put my books away and watched some T.V. I'm not lying but I miss my sister being home. She makes the whole house very loud and then when she’s not here its just quiet. I ran around the house with my brothers phone to make some noise but I just started trouble. My brother got so angry at me he just left the house and went for I walk, so I just went to sleep.

Hours and hours passed I got up and studied some more. I was told to go do some housework so I ran and cleaned my room and did the dishes. I finished everything and sat down to rest.

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