Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reflection on Holy Thursday

Today we celebrated the Passion, Death and Resurrection. Judas betrayed Jesus and handed him over to the soldiers to kill him. Help me to not betray the trust of others.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My soul friend

I have a soul friend that is 8 years of age, he is a Tongan boy who loves his family. He attends St Pius x  and is in Room 5. I share ideas with my soul friend and sometimes read to him.
 His name is Fanamotu, he is the second to last youngest in his family out of his brothers and sisters. I enjoy having him as my soul friend because he is very kind and respects me in a lot of  ways.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Luke 9: 29-36
Heavenly Father,
I humbly come before you, to glorify your name and say thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save our sins. We remember Jesus in his time of suffering, going through the desert for forty days and nights, bearing without food nor water. We remember all he has done for your children. Father, for I know that you are with me all my life journey, I humbly ask for your traveling mercy to be upon us, as we go through the good and the bad times. May you be with me all my life and never leave my side.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soul Friends Lunch

On  Thursday evening,  Room 5 and  7 went out on the field. We had a picnic and had a little chat with our soul friends.  Even though I didn't go, I made it up to my soul friend by  having our own lunch or I would by him something special.

I am a child of God..

                                                        I am a child of God who:
  • Loves going church
  • Loves singing in church
  • Loves singing for people
  • Loves netball
  • Loves playing guitar
  • Loves being Samoan
  • Loves helping people
  • Loves being year 8
  • Loves reading the bible
  • Loves my parents

Athletics 2013

On the feast of St Patrick, St Pius X celebrated St Patrick’s day and had mass for our soul friends.  All the classes from Room’s 1 all the way to room 7 has a buddy each. We all made promises to our little mates. Father Ioane said, “ Will you promise to talk to your soul friend every day?.” “ Yes I do” was our reply. Later when mass had ended it was morning tea and some of us got changed in the bathroom and it was chaos! After when the chaos had settled the competitions BEGAN! KEAS! TUIS! GECKOS! KIWIS! all teams battling away at each event.  


Just before 9:30, Room’s 7 and 6 went on the field for triathlon.

I was getting really excited by looking at the obstacle course. It came to my turn, I ran off in and out the ladder laid on the grass. Jumping over the cones, doing three star jumps at the end of the course.
I came across a really good experience biking together with the class, and running race’s. 
In triathlon, there are 3 main parts, swimming, biking and running.
Triathlon is when people from all over the world can come and participate in.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My goals for writing

I am learning to  improve our writing by:-
1. Identifying the subject and the predicate in the sentence.
EXAMPLE: - I worked hard to improve my writing.  
I is the subject -  
to improve my writing is the Predicate.

2. Identifying the type of verbs in my writing.
EXAMPLE - WORKED IS THE VERB - ACTION VERB 3. adding adverbs to my writing.

4. Changing some verbs into a more interesting vocabulary.


Tall, musical, helpful, loving
Sibling of Leauma and Saveu
Lover of God and parents
Who fears standing in public
Who needs a tutor
Who gives help to others
Who would like to see Angel's in the air
Resident of N.Z