Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am a child of God..

                                                        I am a child of God who:
  • Loves going church
  • Loves singing in church
  • Loves singing for people
  • Loves netball
  • Loves playing guitar
  • Loves being Samoan
  • Loves helping people
  • Loves being year 8
  • Loves reading the bible
  • Loves my parents


  1. Hi Julia

    Wow what a great picture and amazing facts of how you are one of gods children. I also love god to he is the best in the whole world. I am looking forward to see some more of your writing that I will love to read.

  2. Thank you Tui,
    But you have some mistakes in your comment, God is spelled with a CAPITAL G and thank you for the advise.
    God bless.


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