Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday

It was the first day of the holidays, I was so excited because I thought I was going to my Grandpa’s house. Sadly I didn't because my sister and I might fight and my mother also didn't want me to go to my Grandpa’s house because she didn't want my brother to stay home by himself.
My mother said in Samoan "you have to stay with your brother, if you do not stay then your brother will be scared." My brother screamed out and said, "no I am not scared mum, its just you that's to scared to let me stay home by myself." While they were arguing, I went to the kitchen and found something to eat. When I come back from the kitchen, my brother and mother were quiet like mice. My mother said to me “why did you go into the kitchen?” I said “because I was hungry.” My mother said “Julia, next time if you go into the kitchen, you have to get the people at the front some food not just you, OK.”

The next day my parents woke up very early to go to work. While my brother and I were asleep, my father was making our lunch. When my parents left the house, I got out of bed and went to the television and watched the movies that were on. When my brother woke from his sleep, I was still watching but then we heard a knock on the door, it was my mother who returned from work. She said to me, “why are you watching TV?” I didn’t say a word. My brother and I were watching TV until the kids movies were done. After that I had to do my homework that I got given. It was the end of the day and my father returned from work.

When I went to sleep I had a very bad dream, my dream was.......
I was with my family and we were all asleep, when I heard people attack our home but my family managed to escape. While there was an army, I got lost and was so terrified. I was lost in a very big crowd, when all these robots came to me with guns and tried and attack me. I walked into somebodies house and I was with other people who where so scared. They said to me “please can you go and get as something to eat please.” I was walking and I heard a baby crying. I walked into the room where the baby was crying from, it was a trap by the robots who were attacking our homes. I had my gun with me but when I walked into the room, the robots saw me and were walking to me. I had my gun out when I tried shooting the robots, I couldn't because I was out of bullets. I was walking backwards from the robots, when somebody put their hands around my eyes. That was when I woke up from my dream, guess who it was?.... It was my mother, she said to me “you got dishes to do.!”

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