Monday, September 30, 2013


On Saturday we celebrated a 90th birthday were the whole of Tamaki P.I.P.C  church were invited. The theme was Pink, my family and I arrived at the church car park and it was very packed. Loud music coming from the hall, you could feel the ground vibrate as soon as you walk into the hallway. Two young, beautiful girls were standing at the entrance with lays in their hands giving them to the elderly's that walked into the Pink dreamy hall. “ Let us begin with a prayer and carry on with the program ” a deep voice comes from the speaker.

“ May the Lord bless Petu Tulua with many more blessed years to come. Amen ” the minister said. The entertainer welcomed people and introduced a famous Samoan singer, Joe Failua. He sung two of his famous songs that people know well. While Joe was singing, people were videoing his performance and the family were seating up the food. Tables were pulled out for the pig and off people went.

A grace was said before we ate and off people went getting their food, plates and bowls were taken into the kitchen and desert's were coming and being put onto the tables. First of all the head table was served. Then after dessert was served the tables were taken away and kids from the family did a Siva Samoa and then ladies from church performed a dance to the Birthday girl. 

Being in the hall was just like having valentines all over again. But it was not cool because I had to go to Manukau for a family business. I was thankful to be at a 90th birthday in my whole ENTIRE life.

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